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A red brick house fills the center of the screen. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Ecobee’s home security system doesn’t have a professional monitoring option, so you won’t want to miss one of these alerts. The words ‘ecobee Smart Home’ appear white on the dark blue background. “In short, Haven makes your smart home, a safer home.”. You have to be actively watching your camera's feed to catch someone that wants to talk (like a kid in another part of the house with a homework question). 1 Described feature requires members of the household to be logged in to the ecobee app on their devices with location sharing enabled. While the SmartCamera isn’t intended for outdoor use, it does have a nice Window mode. I've. In addition to, I am a contributor at Activity will give you access to two feeds: Monitoring and Motion.Each of these feeds will … In terms of pricing the Ecobee SmartCam hits the mid-range, with its $179 price … ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring subcription service allows the camera to work in conjunction with the ecobee SmartThermostat or pick for Best HomeKit Thermostat, as well as with the SmartSensor for Doors and Windows, and the basic SmartSensors used for monitoring temperature.. All of the ecobee devices can send you notifications the moment activity is detected while you are away … The home monitoring service that enhances ecobee devices from $5/month. “You can’t see it, but Haven is an affordable subscription that allows you to monitor your home, to keep track of everything that’s coming and going, and allows you to do so from anywhere.”. If you just want to try out the service, there’s a 30 day free trial. The mother sits up in bed, checking her phone. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. With ecobee Haven and SmartCamera, notifications or alerts are grouped using video and occupancy information, so you’ll always have context. ‘Geofencing’ replaces ‘Wi-Fi’ in the same forest green on light blue. The two storey house has shrubs in front of the first floor windows, flanking a black door that is four stairs above the rich green lawn. Why do I need a payment method to start my trial? Ecobee light switch with Alexa The Ecobee SmartCamera is a versatile Wi-Fi-enabled indoor camera that offers built-in Alexa functionality, digital pan and tilt, and interoperability with Ecobee’s Haven home monitoring platform. ‘Magic’ appears in midnight blue writing on a pink background. Monitoring begins at $5 per month and gives you cloud storage for video clips for a single camera. “Haven keeps things seamless for friends and family as well.”. These words are replaced with ‘Start with the Home Security Bundle and 1 free month of Haven.’. The user-replaceable battery should last about three years, so once you stick it where you want it to go, you can just forget about it. Some would say that launching a home security solution in the midst of a crisis where over half the world's population is staying at home full time is foolhardy. ‘Alexa’ appears in forest green on a pale blue background, and is followed quickly by the words ‘arm Haven.’ All of this appears in quotation marks. Ecobee Haven subscription plans. 2. As she checks the temperature of the nursery, the right side of the screen shows that room with a close-up of the bassinet beside a bedside table upon which sits a globe and a Smart Sensor. I've watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate… New products from ecobee include a smart camera, and a door/window contact sensor that works alongside a new home monitoring subscription service named Haven. I was having trouble connecting the dots myself until I considered the fact that ecobee's smart sensors were already following me around my home, making sure that it took into account what rooms were actually occupied before firing up the A/C. The top right image of the camera disappears and is replaced by the word ‘This’ with white text on the dark blue background. Leaning into their "squircle" design philosophy, it also sports the brushed metal cone pedestal of ecobee's latest SmartSensors (introduced last year). NARRATOR: “Introducing smart home monitoring that lets busy families focus on everyday life.” Six rectangular frames appear on the forest green background forming a grid. You can find me on Twitter (@sunstreaker84), Facebook, and Google . The top left features a young girl reading a picture book while wearing headphones and sitting on a bed in a brightly lit bedroom. We ask for a payment method so that you will not experience an interruption in service at the end of your free month. With a combination of geofencing and real-time tracking via sensors, you can set the SmartCamera to Autopilot, arming your system automatically when it detects you and other members of your household are away. Smart thermostat maker Ecobee has announced its first indoor security camera, the $179 SmartCamera. The free two months start when you sign up and ends two calendar months from the sign up date. Try Prime. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. The latest version has voice control The dark blue background is split into four quadrants, the bottom left of which is replaced by the mother asleep in the dark in her bed with her phone on the bedside table. The following Ecobee items has the Alexa built-in and act as siren: 1. NARRATOR: “Introducing smart home monitoring that lets busy families focus on everyday life.” Six rectangular frames appear on the forest green background forming a grid. 2. As a technical writer, I specialize in deciphering the undecipherable, untangling the kraken-like documentation tangles that software companies find themselves in, and teaching users how to successfully navigate their products on the other side. There is an ecobee SmartCamera on the wooden table above and behind the dog. I’ve seen the rise and fall (and rise again) of Apple. The device is a little bulkier than your standard entry sensor, but that's due to the wide-angle motion detector built into the bottom of the unit. ecobee Support; ecobee Haven; Using Haven; Autopilot and ecobee Haven What is Autopilot for ecobee Haven? ecobee Haven, Smart Home. I’ve spent the last two weeks testing the latest Ecobee announcements, including details on HomeKit support, future updates, and […] The screen has an ‘X’ symbol above the word ‘Disarmed’. Includes Haven benefits (smart push notifications, siren, arm/disarm, Autopilot) Unlimited non-camera devices + unlimited cameras Includes video storage of clips for 14 days for all cameras in your ecobee … Once you’ve confirmed that is the case, contact customer support. If there’s something you want to see me tackle, drop me an email at: anthonyATanthonykarczDOTcom. The Smart thermostat, smart sensor, and contact sensor remain. Learn more about how ecobee protects your privacy. ‘Polite’ flashes onto the screen in forest green writing on a light blue background. The image of the SmartCamera is back in the top right corner and the Smart Sensor and Contact Sensor remain. Quite well, in fact. The words ‘Haven’ and ‘Peace of mind at home.’ appear in light blue writing on a forest green background. Don't worry, I've found that the ecobee app is one of the better players when it comes to notifications. Ecobee is best known for its work in the smart thermostat field with powerful devices like the Ecobee 4. The teenage son is leaving with his basketball in the middle bottom frame. The other new part of the Haven equation is the ecobee SmartSensor. 3. The wide-angle 1080p camera performs as well as it looks. An ecobee Smart Thermostat appears on the right side on a dark blue background. It displays two pill-shaped objects, one larger and one smaller, for attaching to a door and its jamb, or a window and its sill. ‘No keypads.’ appears in forest green writing on a light blue background. Get in touch with our support team. The screen reads ‘Smart that makes a difference.’ in light blue writing on a forest green background. A close-up of the inside of the front door appears in the top left corner, showing the contact sensor adjoining the door and the frame. Your family’s phones are recognized by the system using Wi-Fi and geofencing technology, so you’ll never set off the alarm. Ecobee review: A Haven subscription is a must with this home security bundle. A drawing of a smartphone slides onto the dark blue background and its screen slowly powers up, producing the word “Haven” in soft writing, the letters matching the background color, set against the light blue of … The Haven Extended plan is $10 per month for unlimited cameras. The ecobee Home Security Bundle which includes the all new ecobee Home Security Bundle which includes the all new ecobee SmartCamera with voice control, SmartSensor, and SmartSensor for doors and windows. In a frame to the left of the house a camera angle follows a small grey dog as it leaves through an open door into the sunlight. Ecobee has delivered one of the best designed smart thermostats (in my opinion) on the market. “SmartCamera, with its 180 degree field of view, automatically pans and zooms to keep action in the center of the frame, while 14-day video storage ensures you can keep track of your most rebellious family members.”. It's not quite the ear-melting tone of some security systems, but it's loud enough to startle (and will also play from your ecobee SmartThermostat, which is a nice touch). Smart thermostat maker Ecobee has announced its first indoor security camera, the $179 SmartCamera.The device is actually just one piece of a new home security platform, which the company calls Haven. I’ve been writing about technology, gadgets, and pop culture back before Apple had even thought of the iPhone. “Haven is smart enough to recognize it’s you,”, “And SmartCamera is too: it’ll switch off the moment you get home.”. Yes, I have a lot of toys. ‘No countdowns.’ quickly replaces ‘no keypads’ in the same forest green on light blue. In the dark his hand appears in a new frame as he arms Haven with his phone. It also lacks any kind of siren. A closeup shot of a SmartCamera sitting on a marble kitchen counter beside a bowl of pears and two vases of flowers. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. The mother looks up, and puts her phone back into her purse as on the left side of the screen the kids close the door and leave the house. From here we can see the hallway with an umbrella in a white wicker basket. Sun streams in from the drapes onto the plant on the bedside table. The SmartCamera on its own is $179 and the door/window sensors can be purchased in 2-packs for $79. 2 If you have multiple cameras, then video storage for all of them is only $10/month. Haven is Ecobee’s new home monitoring service that allows Ecobee devices including thermostats, room occupancy sensors, cameras, and door and window sensors, to work together to monitor activities in your home. ‘Thoughtful’ quickly replaces ‘Polite’ in the same text style. Below these words the screen reads ‘Start focusing on everyday life.’ and at the bottom of the screen is ‘ecobee’ in the same light blue on forest green. The Smart Thermostat returns beside the SmartCamera and above the SmartSensor, and the contact sensor is replaced with the word ‘This’ with white text on a blue background. It is the same couch that the dog was on. The ecobee logo and name appear in the bubble, along with the words ‘Activity Alert’, ‘Monitoring automatically set to Disarmed by Jelani’. Even more than that, there are new entry sensors and an impressive new camera to make Haven a strong instant contender in the DIY home security market. ", "With all of these features in place, the Ecobee Haven might become the streamlined, cohesive smart home that has been promised since the start. No commitment. For example, if you signed up on March 6, the free trial would automatically turn into a paid subscription on May 6. “If you're turning in for the night, you can arm your home through the ecobee app, or you can use your voice to communicate with Haven. Recently, I added several ecobee devices to my home to create my very own ecobee Haven and to make my home life simpler with ecobee. I also enjoy playing in superheroic worlds of my own creation (you can find out more about my fiction endeavors at * $5/month on Essential tier and $10/month on Extended tier after free trial. I’ve seen the rise and fall (and rise again) of Apple. The camera follows the teen and zooms in on him as he makes his escape through the hallway. The final piece of the puzzle is the ecobee app itself. So how does the ecobee app do when pressed into service as the front-end for a home monitoring system? Once armed, the camera sends you immediate alerts that it detects activity, giving you the option to play a siren. The word ‘This’ appears in the place of the Smart Thermostat, with white text on a blue background. If you just want the new gear (and a couple of new SmartSensors), you can get a Home Security Bundle that has the camera and sensors for $279. Introducing smart home monitoring that lets busy families focus on everyday life. Yes, you may cancel anytime during your free two months without incurring a charge. Get everything you need and save money with the Home Security Bundle. The words ‘Introducing ecobee Haven’ appear in pale blue text on a forest green background. A drawing of a smartphone slides onto the blue background and its screen slowly powers up, producing the word “Haven” in soft writing, dark blue against the light blue of the phone’s screen. A contact sensor pair product shot appears in the bottom right of the slowly-filling grid, below the words ‘your entry detector’. Ecobee has today announced a new SmartCamera and SmartSensors, as well as a new Haven platform for monitoring your home security. ‘A seamless experience.’ appears in bold below ‘Haven’ in the same light blue writing. In this video, we introduce a new home monitoring service called ecobee Haven. The camera also detects motion, but you have to subscribe to Ecobee’s Haven service to view recorded video and receive motion alerts. The top middle frame has a woman in pajamas sleeping in a bed in the dark with her phone beside her. It’s midmorning on an overcast spring day. You do some handy things in the app as well, including being able to edit the SmartCamera's field of vision. The bottom right frame has a man sitting on a white couch holding a TV remote and popcorn in the living room. Haven is smart enough to know it’s you, and automatically disarm itself. Most controls and settings for the ecobee SmartCamera are all easily accessible through the app. Pairing is quick and it reacts rapidly to changes in its environment. phone. On the camera itself, there are just a couple of virtual buttons on top of the unit—one to mute the camera, the other to activate Alexa. As you can imagine, Haven comes with subscription fees. Receive a notification the moment a family member enters the home and automatically disarms the system. ecobee's SmartSensor (top) and new Door/Window SmartSensor (bottom). “We’d love to call it magic, but it just feels like it.”. If you cancel, you can continue to use the service until the end of your trial period. See how Haven connects your whole home for total comfort and peace of mind. It's a combination entry/motion detector. Looking at the home page of the ecobee app with Haven enabled, all the "empty space" that bugged me when I was using it just to control my thermostat suddenly makes sense. Home status, camera feed, and thermostat and sensor settings are all right there. The words ‘Introducing ecobee Haven’ appear in pale blue text on a forest green background. The background is also midnight blue, and light blue circles radiate out from the phone drawing to the outside of the screen. The only thing that existing ecobee customers might need to do is re-enable notifications if they'd turned them off previously. Your entry detector.”. Anthony Karcz. Two-way communication is possible through the SmartCamera, though there's no way for someone to initiate a chat from the camera. It has a 180-degree field of view and you can pan the camera lens (the body doesn't rotate) using virtual controls in the ecobee app. The partial view of the living room shows a potted plant and a white chair with a dark blue pillow. She picks up the ball and hands it to him as they walk into a cloudy afternoon. The ecobee Alert screen. The top right frame has an armed ecobee SmartThermostat displaying the temperature in a dark room on a white wall. By far, it's one of the more attractive designs I've seen in a home security camera. ecobee sees it differently. “to recognize the smartphone locations of family members or approved guests like this.”. Haven takes that system of sensors and pulls it together into a unified interface in your ecobee app. 1. ecobee Haven, Smart Home. This type of detection is possible because of the camera's robust 8-core processor. The soft green light in the top of the SmartCamera is on, and then turns off. This has been part of ecobee's strategy all along. I’ve been writing about technology, gadgets, and pop culture back before Apple had even thought of the iPhone. You can review footage for up to 14 days if you subscribe to Ecobee Haven. Through motion, occupancy, geo-fencing, and ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring service, homeowners can come and go as they please without having to mess with keypads, apps, or fobs. “And the element that connects and enhances each one is this: ecobee Haven”. Automatic Monitoring Ease of use meets peace of mind. You can even arm and disarm the system using your voice. ecobee Haven just works, and works for you. It's everything you need it to be. The teenage son and younger daughter seen in the initial shot enter through the black door the mother recently used. A nice thing is that the thumbnail image in the history view is from the point of detected motion/person, even though the saved video starts about 5 … The camera is a sleek oblong soft-cornered rectangle with a lens in the center. With SmartCamera, all of your video is encrypted and securely processed on-device without being uploaded to the cloud. If you have Apple HomeKit, you can view your camera feed through there as well. Just drag an outline around the area you want the camera to pay attention to, and it will ignore everything outside the defined area. Return to the door, hallway, and living room image. This self-sufficient home security system arms and disarms itself automatically, when you pay for a Haven subscription. Haven, after all, is a security system that doesn't have a keypad or monitoring contract. On the right appears a woman’s hands as she scrolls on a smartphone while holding a tote bag from her position on the lawn. Rest assured that your children made it home when you’re away. The black front door with contact sensors opens back into the white hallway revealing the teenage son and young daughter standing on the welcome mat, looking in. The new Ecobee security camera can be used as Alexa voice and siren. You automatically receive a notification on your phone. The bottom right section is replaced by the Smart Sensor acting as a motion detector on the marble kitchen island in the dark, beside a set of car keys. It can also detect the difference between movement caused by a person or an object. As reported by The Verge:. The thermostats can detect sudden temperature fluctuations and monitor for occupancy, and send you an alert or recommendation if it detects something out of the ordinary. The father is eating popcorn while watching TV in the bottom right frame. So how does the ecobee app do when pressed into service as the front-end for a home monitoring system? It is a black glass, soft-cornered thin square device displaying ‘72’ as the temperature. ecobee Support; ecobee Haven; Using Haven; Activity Feed and Monitoring & Motion Feeds Once your subscription to Haven is active, you will have access to a new option in your home: Activity. The speaker in the SmartCamera is able to double as an alarm, but there’s no standalone siren box as we’ve seen other companies offer. “We saw tens of thousands of customers using ecobee SmartSensors and solutions like IFTTT to basically hack together security systems," said Stuart Lombard, ecobee's Founder and CEO "and knew what we had to do next.". The SmartCam will work without a Haven plan as well, if you're not too fussed about that historic footage. For $10 per month, you’ll get storage for unlimited devices. An Activity Alert appears from the ecobee app, saying ‘Monitoring was automatically set to Disarmed by Jelani’. Once you’ve confirmed that is the case, contact customer support. The words ‘your motion detector’ appear to the right of the new arrival. ecobee’s SmartCamera is the star of the show for the new Haven service. The Autopilot feature for ecobee Haven controls when your home automatically arms or disarms based on the "presence" of all members of the home.. Autopilot works on a per home basis. “Haven home monitoring: for everything happening at home.”. “A quiet guest that automatically arms your home the moment you step outside.”. All you need is a SmartThermostat or SmartCamera. They're thinking about the first responders, the essential workers, the people who have to be away from home, and more. The SmartCamera stands on the kitchen table in a frame on the left. “With Haven, your home stays safe, and you stay in the know, no matter where you are.”. Troubleshooting; Need more help? Six rectangular frames appear on the forest green background forming a grid. On the left half of the screen the woman is leaving through the black front door in the daytime. The mother appears in a separate frame to the right as she looks down at her phone. “And this is a SmartCamera, your extra set of eyes.”. The daughter reads on her bed in the daytime in the top left frame. There are six windows on the second story, two of which are atop a garage. In the middle of a dark blue background the mother is sleeping on a bed at night and the father arrives in his pajamas to turn off the bedside lamp.

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