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An Eye of Odin can be found deep within The Mountain, in the open cavern area where Kratos and Atreus ride the block up using the claw. Svartalfheim is one of the Nine Worlds , and home of the Dark Elves. A gallery of images of Svartalfheim. God of War Svartalfheim Tower Entrance - Duration: 1:09. Climb the rock wall to the top and then look back down to spot the raven. Dock the boat and look to the left to see a chain (or a wall where a chain can be kicked down). The last Eye of Odin in The River Pass can be found in the hidden chamber below the Witch’s house. Head to the left and onto the beach, the green Eye of Odin bird is sitting on a platform along the cliff. Svartalfheim Tower and take the elevator up. This Eye of Odin can be found near the Vanaheim tower in Midgard, though this is technically the Lookout Tower. Time your axe throw to hit it. This raven is located on a crashed boat to the side of the Niflheim Tower. This Eye of Odin can be found in the Forgotten Caverns once the water has been lowered a second time. Another Eye of Odin can be found near the entrance to the Volunder Mines in the south-east area of the Lake of Nine. This site uses cookies. The only Eye of Odin that is technically in the Shores of Nine can be found by standing on the Niflheim Tower. You’ll approach the tower on the south side to find an elevator to the top. Head up to the bridge connected to the temple and follow it until you reach the end with the giant double doors. With the help of our God of War Materials Locations Guide, you will be able to locate all the different Crafting Materials used in God of War 4 Crafting. This Eye of Odin can be found near the Vanaheim tower in Midgard, though this is technically the Lookout Tower. It’s at the very top of the area, after you slide down the zipline, to the right side of the Jötnar Shrine (the shrine being the wooden door your see on screenshot #2). Subject Required. Before you start Forgotten Caverns Isle of Death Iron Cove Lookout tower Light Elf outpost Volunder Mines Stone Falls Cliffs of the Raven Landsuther Mines Fafnir's Hoard Mason's channel Buri's Storeroom Veithurgard Council of Valkyries Northri Stronghold Konunsgard The final Eye of Odin in Konunsgard can be found inside the dwarf king’s fortress. How to find every one of those green bird spies sparkling throughout God of War. Heading north from the Forgotten Caverns, land at the next tower you come to. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. At the end of the area, there’s a dead giant rotting away in the sand. On the top of the tower, you’ll find a Mystic Gateway and a Realm Tear . Break it, boost Atreus up, then climb the chain he throws down. Svartalfheim Tower Light Elf Outpost Ruins of the Ancient Helheim Tower (with Connected Beach) The Mason’s Channel (Njörd’s Oarsmen) Alfheim Tower (with Connected Beach) Buri’s Storeroom Jötunheim Tower Cliffs of the Raven Veithurgard Pass Appendices. Inside Vanaheim tower, the big tower that connects the Lake of Nine with the Foothills area. Lookout Tower – 1 raven. Odin's Raven Location. The encounter against the Heavy Draugrs can get pretty rough but can be won if you take a more cautious approach and go on the offensive only when you a big enough opening to do so. Tracking them down requires listening to the crystal-like sound they make and keeping your eyes peeled for a bird that looks a bit unusual. Get in touch to talk about work or the $6 million Echo Slam by emailing or finding him on Twitter.

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