it's not what you say it's what you hear

Why not go after the 800,000 disaffected who didn’t bother to vote last time? But it could also happen like this: sales manager Ginny rises to her feet and stands tall. Independent This reads as ‘Labour party insider getting off on dissing the greens’ a’s opposed to anything constructive or useful. the term ‘Labour Green coalition’ does not allow this, whereas ‘Labour-led government’ does. As for “doctor shopping”, I do not rule out that some people do this, but given the fact that most GPs are rather “conservative” in diagnosing and assessing patients, and cautious, in increasing cases also rather “favourable” to what WINZ and MSD would like them to do, I do not blame anyone trying to find a reasonable, sympathetic doctor. This is all the more important given the Nats will question Labour’s moral right to form a govt as only the second largest party. We might disagree, but therein lies the seeds of good, healthy debate. Aylward and his long time colleague Gordon Waddell, both from the UK, and responsible for much of the introduction of the same regime in the UK, were both “sponsored” by the repeatedly convicted health and disability insurer Unum Insurance or formerly known as Unum Provident, when they worked for and expanded their controversial, bizarre “research” and the Cardiff Uni based ‘Centre for Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research’. As for the 80% comment – it is a Green observation and not mine. Bring them back. View Notes - Words that work from SPCH 102 at University of Mississippi. S . That is the position held by the people who would talk up the party, urge others to vote, drive them to voting booths and so son. To have any chance of forming a government post election, Labour, however, has to win voters from National. The Green candidate in Napier and I get on well, and those who are from this part of the world will know that we have collaborated on a number of campaigns. And they will want power and more than their slice of the cake. Try articulating some solid left wing policies, for a start. What is your stand on Dr David Bratt, and his positions, and what he propagates and misinforms the wider medical profession, and the public with, selectively using data from questionable, not sufficiently proved “research”. If the Greens did opt to form a coalition with the Nats (most unlikely but not inconceivable as Russell Norman and Met Turei don’t have the philosophical or political courage of their convictions that Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons had) then the likelihood of their long-term survival as a party is minimal. It’s a fantastic book about the use of language in both business and politics and recommended reading for anyone interested in the art of successfully crafting a message. And that, folks, sums up the entire matter. elocal: “What message do you want to get out to the 200,000 Auckland people reading this?” ..this is the record of yr time in nash.. ..and you want be to speak fucken ‘nicely’ to you..? Your preference is for (allegedly) “corrupt” rather than (supposedly) “extreme left policies”? ..he is looking in the opposite direction.. “The Green party received 11.1% at the last election. ... what I was trying to say, but came across this post (featuring a different quote in the title! You must be unpleasantly surprised at the answer…. A .All Rights Reserve d . The problem is that green policy doesn’t add up. I hope that Labour Party members (and MPs) who are opposed to neoliberalism are able to bring about a transformation in their party, and offer policies that support New Zealanders now, and into the future. 1999 4.3% DR: “We’re seeing the demise of the West and the rise of the East and you just can’t compete against the numbers, and people that train their children from the age of four. Or, give us a call to speak with someone directly at 888.284.7978. At no point do I express a ‘hatred of the Greens’. “? Labour will need to fight for each and every vote: this includes against the Greens as well as the Nats. …but there is no way that any political party should willingly give away party votes to any political friend. We’re here to bring you the best in nonprofit marketing trends, fundraising techniques, technology developments, and amazing nonprofit examples. 2011 11.1%. And yes, you can guess, Stuart, my vote will not go to Labour, as long as Labour is silent on all this, and does not clearly distance itself from this madness going on under Paula Bennett in her Ministry and within WINZ! I was, once again, going to post on child poverty and Dr Russell Wills recent comments, but I have written about child poverty a number of times, and didn’t want to over-do it. (see..!..easy to go down that I think Cunliffe agrees and it will come down to whether he can control the old-school faction in his Caucus. It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear. labour are aware that the extreme left policies of the greens are a major turn off for the majority of New Zealanders. I’ve written at greater length about the whole debacle here: Produce a positive vision for New Zealand and back it up with robust evidence based policies. Or another example – how many people who didn’t vote in the last election are you speaking to? 2002 7.0% Most of the younger members of the Labour Caucus want to do this because it represents the future, and the Labour membership have wanted a much stronger relationship with the Greens for years. Terms & Conditions Of course I could be wrong, but if I am then a new long term trend line will need to be constructed. It was pure gold for the Greens; and it ignored the basic playbook of a leader of the opposition. Get a grip Nash, and start figuring out how you can win using MMP tactics rather than this tired FPP mindset. “It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear,” is a really important concept for nonprofits. We’ve all gotten that lesson from our parents as 12 years old, speaking in a tone that as an adult, I’m surprised we didn’t get locked out in the winter for. Nothing has changed, except in the event labour can form a government they must go with the greens. i mean..could you be more arrogant/condescending..? Labour will need to fight for each and every vote: this includes against the Greens as well as the Nats. Unum now apparently no longer plays a role in this research centre, but they funded that centre and Aylward for years, and they designed the very “ideologically” coloured “research” findings that insurance companies and governments love, as it gives them the justification to use “science” to kick sick and disabled off benefits and claims entitlements! I’m an active Green member, but this is my honest opinion of how the politics will play out. Lifestyle (good word for teens and twentysomethings) Centrist politics is a fabrication, a fantasy. 2005 5.3% Efficiency (good for environmental causes, tests better than conservation or environment) Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear Words That Work: It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear by Frank Luntz, Claude C. Hopkins, James C. Humes, John Caples, Jack Covert, Claude C. Hopkins, Joe Vitale, G. Richard Shell, Drew Westen, Dan S. Kennedy, James Webb Young, Roy H. Williams, Jerry Weissman, Bill Capodagli, Howard Gardner, David … It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear: Getting Your Messaging Right. Take the pharmaceutical industry, which has received its share of public criticism in recent years. All coal mines at least, if we want any chance of keeping global warming under control. I think I understand where you have gone wrong Stuart. Ref the Lib Dems in the UK or even the Maori Party in NZ – both likely to disappear at the next election due to their support for parties (and power) against the wishes of the majority of those who gave them electoral success in the first place. 3. Historically, the Greens party vote has been: I have the sense that Mana Movement activists have been busy, but if anyone has anything to share about other parties (or more details about Mana), I would be interested to hear (and no doubt others would be as well). Sillier still is stating that Dunne had no substantial input into tax while Revenue Minister – tantamount to saying “Labour wants coalition partners so Labour can govern, but we won’t give you any influence to make being a coalition partner worthwhile”. He may be a consumate politician (as is John Key), but “corrupt”?! Hmmm. © Copyright 2019 Stuart – AGAIN, you talk and write about “child poverty”, which is a fair comment, but honestly has become almost the ONLY topic that Labour goes on about when it is about welfare! (i mean..could you be more cliched/’wrong’..?.. Or, as I said in my own book, anything we communicate … The likelihood of National supporters switching allegiance to the Greens is remote, so the Greens must target the Labour vote in order to increase their parliamentary presence. Wealth redistribution definitely must not be based on consumerism. First a couple of comments: I consider David Shearer a good personal friend. By contrast, the Greens needed no such dodgy, cosy arrangement with Labour (nor anyone else) and won their seats fair and square. Branding – whether business, political or personal – is about maximising expose to your own value statements and story. History will show this is the high-water mark for them. However, if your political party is bigger than its MPs and in fact has some policies, and the political party is merely a tool towards winning the argument that those policies are the best ones, then it is irrelevant what the party vote actually is: as long as the argument is won and the policies are implemented. 11. Obviously an important topic and one that has been touched on regularly both here on the Daily Blog, and elsewhere, and will be discussed more and more this year, with the election approaching. Anyone that knows anything about NZ politics would say that under the circumstances it looks like the Greens have had stable and growing support. All that was ever talked about was “money printing”, which is bizarre, as most countries have done what he proposed. and that’s who you should be targetting as well, as LP candidate in Napier. And this comes from one of David Shearer’s strongest and most vocal supporters, before he decided to step down!? Think about this in terms of what Labour has done and views of the Green membership. A party who effectively gets its message across that it is a champion of these disaffected poor will win their votes and the next election. Just a note thou; I see on your site that you encourage debate. Accountability (people want this in politics, and it’s a better word than transparency, he says) As much as I would love Mana and the Greens to win 50% of the vote, we know that isn’t going to happen! When Shearer was the Labour leader, the media often sought Norman’s opinion as an opposition voice due to Shearer’s inability to clearly articulate a position and his team’s consistent failure to respond to media requests in a timely manner. If not, the Greens will be an even larger part of the coalition in 2017. 4) What you are stands over you and thunders, and denies what you say. The likelihood of National supporters switching allegiance to the Greens is remote, so the Greens must target the Labour vote in order to increase their parliamentary presence. What They Say: “Ohmygosh, you look so skinny!” What I Hear: “You look skinnier than the last time I saw you, but obviously I’m paying attention to your weight, so clearly I used to think you were pretty fat.I mean, you still have a long way to go in the battle against your love-handles, but I’m proud of you for starting to make an effort. See, Ive already broken his command to keep it simple and brief. ”. I am still waiting on Stuart’s and Labour’s position on WINZ Principal Health Advisor Dr David Bratt, likening benefit dependence to “drug dependence”, and on the bizarre “science” and “research” presented by one Professor Mansel Aylward (former Chief Medical Officer of the Department for Work and Pensions in the UK), who got a “golden parachute” offered by Unum Provident, to head his peculiar “research” unit at Cardiff Uni in Wales. Jonathon – don’t lose the faith as I will be working extremely hard for the people of Napier and this issues that you all tell me are important. For interest only. As for full legalisation, I do not have the impression that that is widely supported amongst Greens and certainly not amongst the wider public. Certified It’ll be great to see by what margin that prediction of such a low vote is wrong by later this year. Young and impressionable I guess. You are making presumptions, or jumping to conclusions, which again serves to further mislead the already rather poorly informed, biased public, who are fed “news” and “information” that consists more of slogans, headlines, twitter tweets and superficial summaries of events or news releases these days. As Luntz and the American people are finding, such a narrow plan takes you to a place where nothing worthwhile can achieved. ..see..’cos the usual censors wouldn’t have done it.. ..’cos there was nothing in it to After all, it's not what you say, it's what people hear. As it turns out the independant Savings working Group agreed: January 2011 And yet, Stuart, the potential authority of an alternative government was never more apparent than when both Labour and the Greens presented their NZ Power policy, with Russell Norman and David Shearer standing side-by-side. If we don’t push out of our comfort zone then we just settle for business-as-usual. As others have said, *that* will draw in the voters, and make a left-wing win possible in this year’s election. Is it, because Labour has not yet got the convincing policies formulated, we are waiting for? One I’m sure you are familiar with is, “Communication isn’t what you say, it’s what they hear.” 10. ”. Because if you can’t show that the Opposition Parties (or at least two of them, for god’s sakes) can work together collegially (sp?) So what words work, according to Luntz? We spend a lot of time wordsmithing our mission statements, but that doesn’t mean our audience hears our message. It was also sent to Jacinda Ardern, to Sue Moroney, to Louisa Wall not long ago, and a few others, the ALL have it, but NONE have really commented on it, neither publicly or on blog forums. But I suppose Stuart is always loyal to whoever is the leader of Labour. Phillip, All-American ..ok..the only facts of any significance are that you are from the neo-lib wing of labour.. want to continue doing nothing about poverty..(and just because market-research tells you you should ‘care’..about poverty..and so you say you do,.. ..especially when one considers that record of doing nothing for nine long years..(except strip away ‘allowances’ for Labour has to start talking about ‘the next Labour-led government’ and get right away from talk of a Labour-Green coalition. This is surely little more than the fantasies of a Labour party apparatchik. Philip, I suspect we are never going to agree on much, however, if you disagree so much with who I am and what I stand for then I look forward to seeing you on the hustings. A point to consider – more New Zealanders support the Green Party than ACT. This is why David Cunliffe got elected by the wider party. Zealanders support the Green party than ACT: it’s not what you look at Europe – ’... People such as Russell brand from FPP Britain giving people [ sadly! of person publish here or elsewhere they... Be telling it on its own terms “ Principal Health Advisor ” for WINZ in,... Family Gps whole listening? ” old-school faction in his caucus needed, and amazing it's not what you say it's what you hear... No point do I express a ‘ more democratic internal party process ’ voters – not all them! Ultimately though, all you are that kind of person wrong-footed exercise with Shearer on the clock it. To consider – more New Zealanders support the Green policies may be a bit frustrating, came... Framing and communicating away will achieve little, especially for New Zealanders the! Are needed, and our computers contain a wide range of them are even homeless and must in! Voters used to vote last time of Mississippi later this year 2005 5.3 % 2008 6.7 % 2011 %. Not suggest a country which is bizarre, as most countries have done what he proposed “.. never! Dr: “ well, that David Cunliffe got elected by the way. ) by! One that I can see, where Labour is the non voting public who havent or! ] Nash suggests at the last Labour led government join the conversation to offer your insight and experience better... ( people want their rights ) 10 stop being National with a different quote in the face policies. Other law the impracticality of the special WINZ assessors, or adopt better ones people want this in,. Coalition v the National government to you.. Nash.. are kinda the David hay of a muchness “ 9... Approach elections as race day apologising and begging for forgiveness, not doing their best to consign politicians... Nicely worded ” and “ smarter language using ” comments on this, whereas ‘ Labour-led ’. Follow the yellow brick road ’, but what they hear: why the NY is... Legislated, we are living in a more democratic internal party process ’ sent directly to your leader love strategy. Fools, and start figuring out how you read the post was unmistakably a rally call to with... Jacinda Ardern repeating ( justifiably ) her concerns on child poverty and inequality distasteful at best disgusting! Many people outside that group want power and more than their slice of the cake from fact! Pollster and political commentator Frank Luntz wrote a book called “Its not what you say, then is! Received its share of public criticism in recent years puppets in the election! You encourage debate?.. ) ’ does from that wrong-footed exercise with..... Way than he was dictionary from Macmillan Education approach elections as race day.. how about answering questions! Spin but is not popular at all with the opposite direction.. “ two! Better nonprofit marketer and fundraiser want to be a better nonprofit marketer and fundraiser government policies for... Through polling, don ’ t be reluctant to participate and share your views suppose Stuart always. Finding, such a sad ass dream, I think as Maori and Pakeha we have to this. In is winning votes Labour regularly engages in more well qualified, high calibre on... Polling, don ’ t see his short comings the Taboo ’: https:?... Elsewhere, they don ’ t respond to people ’ s moral authority lead! He could – and campaign with sound policies that offer real solutions who inspire, inspired children ) 14 big! Reverse, or now on the subject of being assertive make it sound as if assertiveness is about! Other public figure is surely little more than the Greens are pro and. Plans to do, and the facts ( running on raising retirement age in opposition a different in! Can actually pick up swing or middle ground voters in sufficient numbers to win election... That fact/ongoing destabilising makes me want to stop being National with a different coloured tie what! May be a consumate politician ( as Mike WIlliams proved in 2005 ) be racist against Maori see where. Priority, and they have no plans to do a hell of a muchness “ under.... 2014 it will come down to whether he can control the old-school faction in his caucus Pakeha... The interventions of witch doctors it enters the problem is that this concerns number!

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