white millet seed

By Signing Up to our newsletter, you will receive coupons and promotions. $('.thisCustomCheckbox').removeClass('thisCustomCheckbox'); Read More Policies. 831 shipments total BUCKWHEAT, MILLET AND CANARY SEED; OTHER CERE ALS - CANARY SEED NET WEIGHT 23. 'category': variation, Approx Maturity: 80 Days Planting Rate: 12-20LBS/ACRE j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? Birds that eat millet include: In addition to these species, many other birds will sample millet, especially if it is offered as part of a birdseed mix or suet block. Buckwheat. Store your birdseed in a cool, dry place in a pest-proof container to keep it fresh and delicious for the birds. this._addTrans = addTrans; } 50 lbs. var BCData = {"csrf_token":"7751ec3c25662a28f246c79c11750077f12367890b5e0cd942c0413a0c77e41c","product_attributes":{"sku":"UNS-WM","upc":null,"stock":null,"stock_message":null,"weight":null,"base":false,"image":null,"price":{"without_tax":{"formatted":"$8.95","value":8.95,"currency":"CAD"},"tax_label":"Tax","price_range":{"min":{"without_tax":{"formatted":"$8.95","value":8.95,"currency":"CAD"},"tax_label":"Tax"},"max":{"without_tax":{"formatted":"$44.95","value":44.95,"currency":"CAD"},"tax_label":"Tax"}}},"out_of_stock_behavior":"label_option","out_of_stock_message":"Out of stock","available_modifier_values":[],"in_stock_attributes":[1085,1150,1080],"instock":true,"purchasable":true,"purchasing_message":null}}; Your Canadian source for quality sport optics. Phone: 940-627-3949. $('.customRadioBtn input#r2').attr('checked',false); if (!productIdMap[productId]) { White Proso Millet (70-100 days) 1 oz package Proso millet, also called Proso, grain millet or hog millet, is grown primarily in the US for feed grain or birdseed purposes. : Are You (and Your Birds) Ready For Winter? Description ; Millets are annual grasses and are some of the oldest of cultivated crops. this._trackTrans = trackTrans; if($('.thisCustomCheckbox').length == 1){ 'country': country Expect to cut hay in approximately 50-55 days after planting. ga('send', 'pageview'); Be sure you are buying pure white millet and not red, yellow or mixed. } }else{ Standard millet planting depths range from 1⁄2 to 1 inch (1.3 to 2.5 cm), as the seeds are rarely strong enough to reach the surface if planted any deeper. Sunrise white proso millet is used primarily for grain production but can also be hayed or chopped. Millet Millet is a small, round seed that is a favorite of ground-feeding birds. Common Vetch $ 2.50 per lb. 4.8 out of 5 stars 9. Size: 10lb. This pale tan or whitish lightweight seed is a bargain for feeding the birds, as one bag will contain many more seeds than an equal sized bag of larger seeds such as sunflower or safflower. Keep the seeds moist until the sprouting grass is 2-3 inches tall to be sure it is well established. Home Bird Food Bird Seed White Proso Millet. } if($(this).find('span').hasClass('checked')){ Style. White Millet contains protein, fiber, fat, vitamins & minerals, so it offers your backyard birds a balanced, nutritious meal. Scatter the tiny white millet seeds on the ground near a window so you can watch little birds devour them. if($('.thisCustomCheckbox #ship_to_billing_new').is(':checked') == false){ However, most of the world eats millet and it is becoming wildly popular in health food stores today. Sow a thick layer of millet (you can sow seeds directly from a birdseed mix) and cover it lightly with soil. Panicum miliaceum is a grain crop with many common names including proso millet, broomcorn millet, common millet, hog millet, Kashfi millet, red millet, and white millet. // Change document class from no-js to js so we can detect this in css } But some, have slightly larger portholes than others, which are suitable for white proso millet. Millet is a cereal grain that belongs to the Poaceae family, commonly known as the grass family (1). Albert E James and Son Willsbridge White Millet Seed 20kg. Your pet would get these delicacies if it lived in the wild. } I'm just surprised they were able to fit those bags into such a small Priority box. Millet is a fast-growing ... including mine. acc.push(productId); Follow us Address 4650 S. U.S. Hwy 287, Decatur, TX 76234. Pearl Millet (Tifleaf III) - Hybrid $ 3.75 per lb. It ripens uniformly and is quite resistant to shattering and lodging compared to Sunrise. $('input.billingButton.btn').attr('value','Bill to this address & Store pick up');

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