Is Your Slow Response Time Costing You the Best Job Candidates?


In today’s fast-paced job market, the importance of streamlining your internal review process of your CV shortlist is crucial. In fact, your response times could result in losing the best candidate for your life sciences, biotech or pharmaceutical company.

Remember, strong job candidates are also applying for opportunities with your competitors. Whether they submit CV’s directly or via other agencies, some of these job seekers may have already had their first interview with another company and others might be waiting for an offer letter . . . while you’re still thinking about (or have not started thinking about) who to bring in for an interview.

At ConnectA Pharma, we’ve seen this happen before, which is why we remind our partners of these two critical elements of the process: making short work of developing your shortlist and maintaining communication with us. These steps help us to help you to secure the best candidates in a competitive marketplace.

Tighten up your CV review process. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to keep this initial phase short and timely in order to keep candidates engaged in the hiring process. We have had some partners wait three or four weeks before getting to the CV review, which is far too long (resulting in candidates going elsewhere).

  • As soon as we send you the CV’s , make the time to go through them promptly and draw up your shortlist of candidates for interviews.
  • I recommend you do so within one business week so we can proceed as efficiently as possible to arrange those interviews with your top candidates.
  • If you do have a delay, make sure you let us know so we can keep the candidates updated and let you know of any dropouts.

Keep us informed. Candidates who are eager to move ahead will be contacting us regarding their status along the hiring path; without any relevant information about what’s happening on your end, we will have nothing to advise them about. This leaves us in a difficult position and frankly, can leave a negative impression of your company with candidates. As your talent acquisition partner, we’re in this together.

Remember, we’ve already vetted all candidates that we send you, saving your team valuable time. And, as a highly collaborative resourcing agency in the pharmaceutical, health and life sciences sectors, we value an open and communicative relationship for both potential employees and employers. It is such an important foundational element of our ability to attract top-quality candidates consistently and ensure that we always provide the very best level of service to our clients.

Are you on the market for top-quality talent? Contact Debi Horsfield, director of human resources and recruitment, at to discuss how we can partner with you.