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ConnectA Pharma Resource (CPR) identifies and delivers premier resource solutions for life science clients.

We provide the strategic and tactical support you need to maximize product value. This could mean supplying a bespoke team for a critical project at any stage of the product lifecycle or one or more freelance specialists to complement your existing team through short or long-term contracts.

No matter what form your business needs take, we partner with you every step of the way to help you realize your goals.

We accomplish this through:

Skillful Needs Analysis

Text to go here...With twenty years of relevant experience and a singular focus on the life science industries, CPR’s Leadership Team is ideally positioned to assess your business challenges and furnish tailored solutions.

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A Targeted Approach

Text to go here...CPR draws on an elite pool of freelance specialists and specialist partners to add value by aligning precisely the right skills, experience, and personalities with your business requirements and culture.

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Continuous Project Support

Text to go here...Throughout every engagement, CPR’s Leadership Team monitors progress, handles all contracts and invoicing, and relays any feedback you may have, so you can stay focused on getting results.

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